Category: Systemic Disorders

Approach to slow and fast ECG Rhythms

Total Registration: 1,112 Total Attendance: 611 No. of Panelists: 7 Session-53-ProgramSession Program ECG-ReadingECG Reading Patient-Case-Presentation.pptx-6Case Presentation Expert-Presentation-1.pptxExpert Presentation 1 Expert-Presentation-2.pptxExpert Presentation 2…

Approach to Self Harm

Total Registration: 378 Total Attendance: 235 No. of Panelists: 4 Session-51-Program.docxSession Program Patient-Case-Presentation.pptx-5Case Presentation

Substance Abuse and Addiction

Total Registration: 721 Total Attendance: 451 No. of Panelists: 6 Session-52-ProgramSession Program Patient-Case-Presentation.pptx-4Case Presentation Expert-presentation.pptx-1Expert Presentation